About Me

Freelance Web Developer

Utkarsh Shinde
Bachelors in Engineering(Electrical & Electronics) With 5+ years Experience in HTML5,CSS,JavaScript,
PHP,WordPress,Oracle and MySQL Database and design to produce creative and effective websites over the world.


With 5+ years commercial experience working in various web related roles, I have a wide range of skills; front end development and back end development.

I mainly take on Back end development projects now but with experience in these two disciplines, I am able to work on a project with the full scope in mind. I am able to easily integrate with and provide experience and advice on all aspects of a project.

Front End Development

  • html5


  • css3


  • js


I create websites that allow the user to experience your website in the best and most appropriate way suited to the device they are using.A website is delivered with a responsive layout that can best make use of the space available on the smallest to largest devices.

Back End Development

  • wordpress


  • php


In many front end development roles and projects, I have been the centre figure between the design and back end development teams. To have a good understanding of both disciplines has been hugely beneficial. I often make use of PHP and use WordPress to allow for content management of many of the sites I create.